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 Tips to Playing Halo: CE Like a Pro

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PostSubject: Tips to Playing Halo: CE Like a Pro   Tips to Playing Halo: CE Like a Pro Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 2:31 pm

Fighting Hand-to-Hand Battles- Defensively, and Offensively
TIP: The only weapons that should be used for mid-long - long range are the pistol and the sniper. Even for mid-range, try not to use the AR.

TIP: Plan things out before you do anything. Don't get caught-up in the moment and happen to waltz into the middle of the map while shooting someone.

TIP: Always be cautious of your environment and your surroundings.

TIP: Use cover, dammit. The little knolls and hills on blood gulch are there for a reason.
Thanks to iMoo for the above tips!!

Tip : Melee. If you haven't yet realised, melee, like bullets, need leading at extreme ping levels, mess around and find your niche.

Tip: Strafing. If you haven't already noticed, you die most often when running in a straight line. If you are under fire, find cover or return fire while strafing. Experiment with different styles of dodging and find one that is effective for you.

Tip: Use what you can, when you can to your advantage. Don't be too pretentious to not pick up a launcher or fuel rod if you have a useless weapon with you. If your team is losing badly, don't feel bad about running some enemies over.

Tip : Crouch jumping, this will give you an advantage in certain maps with ledges or areas which are inaccessible to ordinary jumps. It involves jumping then pressing the control key while moving forward onto the object.

Tip : IF you're unproficient with any weapon, please leave it for others that may have some degree of competence. They will lead your team to victory with greater ease if they have the necessary tools to do so. (To all those not so skilled people who pick up the sniper and just waste it.)

Tip: Ammo gathering. Several maps allow you to pick up ammunition for your weapon, or to pick up the weapon itself when you're not standing directly ontop of it. These include Bloodgulch sniper spawns, Hang Em High trench spawns. These are convenient ways to resupply yourself when you need it, experiment with different styles of rapid munitions aquitision to mantain your advantage over an enemy team.

Tip: standing on higher ground gives you a great advantage of sight and protection. always try to stand on a higher place when fighting an enemy. the FOV (Field of View) of a person on higher ground is much better because when fighting you can see most of the enemies below you, whilst fighting from lower ground your FOV can moslty see the the hill or mountain you're trying to climb and the sky.

Maps: How to use them effectively.
Blood Gulch:
Tip: Not just that, but the fact that Red Team has a much superior advantage. After Blue Team's teleporter your completely out in the open making you more then an easy target for anyone on Red Team's huge hill. If you want to get the FRG you need to expose yourself to both those on the Red Team hill and those on the Red Team base, not to mention the FRG isn't very useful in long range. The Red Team rock sniper camp is also preety annoying. A good sniper there will be very hard to kill and has view of the whole map making for easy kills. Red Team's tunnel has a Flamethrower (not much use) and an Overshield. Red Team has another plus: the Plasma Grenade cliff. The only problem with Red Team is if there's a pr0 in the Blue Team that starts teleporter camping the Red Team players.

Blue side has the cave camp and the ramp camp (both easy to deal with). The cliff camp needs a banshee, and you're actually a bit vulnerable (especially to tanks). To flush out the enemies on the Red Team's hill with a tank is actually a bit complicated, since a good player will take advantage of grenades + higher ground to take the tank out quite easily.

Snow Grove:
Tip: The Snow Grove Plasma Pistol pwns, one of my more favorite weapons on that map...

Tip: The overshield/grenade jump is a good one in Damnation. Grenade as you're running along the walkway, grab the OS and jump. It'll take you over the high wall, and saves you from the vulnerable walk back to base.

Tip: In CQC, Plasma Pistols are extremely good. Sadly, the only place you'd use them effectively is Derelict.

Any map with teleporters:
Tip: Teleports, blocking them or camping them, is seen as being unsporting and is against the rules. If you are on the receiving end of a Teleport Block, use an explosive (If available) to remove the obfuscatory offender or object.

Hang 'em High:
Tip: Fall damage negation. On some maps, a slanted surface may just be what you need to avoid fall damage. When you're about to impact the floor, crouch and bouce off any surface which may grant some protection from fall damage. One good example is the centre trench in Hang em High. You can also use this as an easy way to get from A to B.

Tip: Boosting. Not to be mistaken with the Modern Warfare 2 practice of killing a friend repeatedly for points or an achievement. When you play certain game-modes, such as Oddball,KOTH or CTF, you often find the enemy saturating the capture point or point-guarding you every step of the way. Boosting allows you to capture or hold the objective via an unconventional route. (This is mostly seen in heavy weapon servers without damage.) Examples include flag-throwing, where a person picks up the flag and kills themselves while jumping in order to send the flag over to their base, as seen in Boarding Action or Hang Em High. Also, in Hang Em High, an appropriate number of rockets sent at a character in Red base (I think) can send them flying towards their flag point.

Danger Canyon:
Tip : Shortcuts. Every map has a certain shortcut which you can use to your advantage. Danger canyon has an exellent example with the centre room fuelrod gun spawn. Boost yourself up with a FR jump when you need a quick exit.

Vehicle Warfare
Tip: Never drive through the middle of the map with ANY vehicle. You will most likely die. Instead, stick to the edges of the map and work your way to your destination.

Foot vs. Hog Warfare
Tip: If you see a Hog coming at you, and you can't dodge in time, sticky it anyway. It's better to sacrifice yourself and get a double kill than get a single kill and live.

Tip: If you see a hog with three people in it, prioritize yourself with the gunner. The passenger seat is virtually useless for firing, and the driver will generally try to run you over, but the gunner is the most accurate and dangerous. With a good sticky, you can take out all three.

Tip: It is possible to melee an enemy while they're in a vehicle. When all else fails, a well timed smack might, just might, save your skin.

Tip: A properly placed frag will flip a hog and take out the passenger's shields, leaving them vulnerable to HSs from a pistol. They're easy to take down, even with three passengers in the vehicle. If you know the lead on Halo very well, sniping the driver out is not too difficult. A sticky does good work as well, it works like a frag, except you only have to get it to hit the vehicle, you don't have to place it on the ground and wait for the hog to hit it, eliminating the chance of wasting frags.

Tip: Roadhog takedowns, if you're faced with a person who wants to splatter you, learn to time and lob nades to deflect the attack.

Foot vs. Ghost Warfare
Tip: Ghosts are the only vehicle in the game that can move from side to side. Take advantage of this to continue firing at the enemy while still dodging fire.

Foot vs. Tank Warfare
Tip: Scorpions cant harm you if you approach them from the side and get close enough that you could get in it if it were empty.

Tip: Tanks are basically giant bullseyes. A good snipe with a rifle or pistol can take them out before they can do any damage.

Tip: With a tank, place a frag underneath it, or stick it close to the driver seat. Never shoot it's turret, it does not receive damage. If the tank driver is smart, chances are he's sniping with the tank backwards, making him immune to pistol and rifle shots. Shoot him down with a long range rocket. It will take him a while to notice a rocket flying towards him, and if he does notice it, it's probably too late for him to move. If you know the lead on Halo, you should snipe him out as he's driving, because most tanks aren't stationary, they try to circle your base and spawn trap.

Foot vs. Banshee Warfare
Tip: Taking down a Banshee is virtually impossible without a plasma grenade, to at least take out the shields. Unless you have heavies, going in all guns blazing will likely get you killed.

With the Shee, chances are if it's attacking your base, it has a low shield. Take advantage of that and shoot it down with your pistol, and if you have access to it, get on a turret from a hog. Never the Rocket Hog, it shoots too slow and inaccurately. If the banshee attempts to escape, don't let it. It has no/a low shield, leaving it vulnerable to a pistol. If a banshee ever tries to ram you, pull out a shotgun or an AR, both of those weapons do fair damage at close range. Once it flees, go back to shooting it with your pistol.

Tip: If you see a banshee attacking a base and then its suddenly retreating after engaging in battle, chase it down and keep shooting at it. Chances are that it already received a lot of damage and is trying to recover. If you keep pursuing it, it is usually an easy kill.

Tip: Taking out a banshee is the easiest thing. Shotgum/Pistol > Banshee

Hog vs. Tank Warfare
Tip: If you're driving a Hog, and see a Scorpion, it is possible to dodge it's main fire shot if you swerve at just the right moment. You'll have a good five seconds before it shoots again, so either get away or take it out.

Tip: Drive around, a moving target is a harder target to hit, its slow but if another vehicle is moving and attacking you it evens the playing field a little.
Thanks to Red for the useful info!!

Hog vs. Ghost Warfare
Tip: Improvise.....

Hog vs. Banshee Warfare
Tip: With the Shee, chances are if it's attacking your base, it has a low shield. Take advantage of that and shoot it down with your pistol, and if you have access to it, get on a turret from a hog.

Ghost vs. Tank Warfare
Tip: If youre the one on the ghost, shoot and circle the tank at the same time - the tank's turret turn speed is slower than the ghost so use this to your advantage.

Tip: If youre in the scorpion. DONT LET THE GHOST CIRCLE YOU. back up to a wall safely so the ghost cant get behind you. ALSO REMEMBER: SHOOT AT THE GROUND - the tank shell deals an AoE (Area of Effect).

Tip: Against ghosts SIT still, when it comes right round shoot it on its way round
Thanks to Red for that useful info!!

Banshees vs. Tanks Warfare
Shee V Tank

Tip: Now I'm almost certain none of you bar me can fly a Shee upside down. It's simple after practice with your mouse, all you have to do is flick your mouse into the diagonal way of your writing hand, let alone circling. E.g., I'm a leftie (litlerally) so I turn on my left and move my mouse north-westwards.
Great way to piss off a tank, and several tanks is hilarious. If you got time, throw a FRG at the tank too.

Tip: Also, when being targeted by a tank in a banshee, if you hang a left or right at the last second as or just before they shoot, they'll usually miss and you can get the jump on them from there.

Tip: shees vs tanks,if you know what to do with either the other guy is dead

Banshee vs. Banshee
Tip: When you're in a Banshee fighting another Banshee, there's such thing as a Circle of Death. (CoD)

It's when you're both trying to fight to get to the backside of the other to take it down effectively. Nothing you shoot while in CoD mode will have any effect on the other Banshee. the best possible option to take down the other Banshee is to pull out and hope you can swing back to kill it, or you can switch you're mouse speed setting, found in the pause menu under Game Settings (???), to 10 (insane). This method is you're best shot at taking down the enemy Banshee because most non-hardcore gamers will have their setting to about 3 (the default setting), and it will give you the advantage of having a faster turn rate against your enemy. Which will, when used in the CoD, kill your enemy Banshee.

Tip: A Good tip for banshee dogfights is to enter what my colleague called the CoD and then let off the throttle and drop below them as your rod gun reaches full charge, and nail them with a rod shot. They'll usually retreat and you can finish them off with your plasma cannons or, if they come straight at you, fly underneath straight underneath them and then drop again and finish them off.

Hope you enjoyed/hated it! XD
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Tips to Playing Halo: CE Like a Pro
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